Do you take 3 or more medications?

Do you find it hard to remember when or what to take?

Do you spend a lot of time organizer your, or a loved one’s medication?

Tired of running out of medications at different times?

Then you need to try – Medication Organizer or Blister Packs

We can put your medication into blister/compliance packs, similar to your pill box at home. The added beneift of using our staff for this service is that you get a guarantee that your pack is dispensed according to your doctors orders, filled correctly, and checked accurately. Medication adherence is an extremely important and thus this service helps to ensure you are compliant with your medication, but also taking them accurately. This helps to eliminate medication errors and duplication. We also help to take care of needing refills from your doctor and assist in eliminating the need to the doctor’s office for refill on your medications, as well as this eliminates repeated visits to the pharmacy. Essentially, we spend some time to “Set it then forget it”!

Free Service – Increased Safety – Checked by the Pharmacist – Never run out of refills