Our pharmacists offer training for using blood glucose monitors and insulin pens.

Pharmacists and our diabetic educator Shawna are here to answer questions on

monitors, medication, insulin, and lifestyle.

Canadian Diabetes Association


ROCKADEX Adhesive Patches
Libre Cases
Blood Glucose Test Strips & Lancets
Blood Glucose Monitor
Insulin & Syringes/Needles
Diabetic Socks


ROCKADEX  adhesive patches are adhesive patches that

help to keep diabetic devices on the skin, including

Omni Pod



Keep’s on CGM’s (continuous glucose monitors)


Inspect feet daily for cuts and blisters

Wash feet daily and keep them dry

Wear properly fitted shoes whenever possible

Avoid smoking

Wear diabetic socks and proper footwear

Avoid crossing legs for extended periods of time

Wiggle your toes and feet several times per day to keep proper circulation in your feet and legs

Consult your doctors regularly